We have been in the middle of a deep freeze for the past week. Fishing has been tough, but the bite is still happening at dark. Short windows of activity is the best way to describe the way the walleye bite has been. Targeting deep weeds, sandgrass, mudflats, and mid lake rock humps have been producing fish for me the past 2 weeks. Some days nice perch and bluegills have been mixed in with walleyes on mud lakes adjacent to deep grass.

Walleye suckers and shiners producing best under tip ups, but recently the shift is to medium shiners. I've noticed on the tougher condition days, that a longer lead of fluorocarbon (up to 4 feet) has gotten more strikes.

Slush is starting to harden up on most lakes, and if you had been out anywhere and fished in slush, the next day it was gone from the cold. I've been driving the past 3 outings with a full sized truck and plow....but still check ice below driving any vehicle.