The big story for 2014 is about Jake Modell, the 16 year old grandson of Oak Haven seasonal campers Norma and Ralph Domras, who landed the biggest fish we've seen caught by an Oak Haven guest in eight years and what may in fact be, the largest fish ever landed by an Oak Haven guest. Jake's 51 inch Muskie was landed on October 26th, 2014. Jake was fishing with his Grandpa Ralph and Cass Lake fishing guide Brian Jones. Our 2nd biggest Muskie in 2014, a 42 incher, was landed by David Hoffman on 8-28-14. The third biggest, a 41 incher, was landed on 7-29-14 by 14 year old Kyle Lund. We encourage you to read Kyle's story in a previous Oak Haven Fishing Report.

Our big Walleye for 2014 was landed by Dave Brabec of Colon, Nebraska. I had the pleasure of finding a board, wrapping, packing and freezing Dave's fish as he took it home for taxidermy when his week here in 2014 came to an end. Dave was so proud of his Giant Walleye that he and his wife Katie used it's picture in their Christmas Card.

The biggest Northern Pike landed by one of our guests in 2014 was 33 1/2 inches, caught by Owen Brummer on 8-16-14. Second place went to Jake Hoffman. Jake landed a 32 incher on 8-28-14. Third place was a 31 incher, landed by Justin Mullin on 9-22-14.

Our Largemouth Bass Contest for 2014 was very close. Don Weaver ended up with the biggest bass, a 19 1/4 incher that he landed on 6-11-14. Finishing 2nd was Evan Schmeling, who landed his 18 7/8 inch Largemouth Bass on 9-10-14. That same day, Rick Martens landed an 18 3/4 inch LM Bass. Seth Hoeppner finished 4th at 18 3/8 and Roger Hoeppner finished 5th at 18 1/8 inches.

The winner of our Giant Crappie Contest for 2014 is Kenny Matthews. Kenny landed a huge 13 7/8 inch Crappie on 5-22-14. (Remember, we close the mouth when we measure these fish!) Cooper Bendickson landed the 2nd biggest Crappie of the year, a real nice 13 5/8 incher. Bob Thiele finished 3rd at 13 1/8 and his wife Kathy Thiele finished 5th with a 13 inch Crappie.

We have a new record holder in the Giant Perch contest. On 5-13-14 Jake Blakstad landed the biggest Perch we've seen in eight years, a sweet 13 incher. Second place went to Dan Tyo when he landed a 12 5/8 inch Perch on 9-25-14. There was a tie for 3rd at 12 1/2 inches between George Carlsen (8-6-14) and Carter Brabec. (7-15-14)

In the Sunfish/Bluegill/Pumpkinseed category, the big fish of the year was caught by Jan Byers. He landed his 10 1/2 inch Bluegill on 9-14-14. The 2nd biggest was 10 1/4 inches, landed by Jason Mohs on 8-22-14. Third place ended up a tie at 9 7/8 inches between Steve Houliston and J.P. Nixon. There was a 6-way tie at 9 3/4 inches.

Our 2014 Rock Bass Champion is Ryan Potrawski. He landed a 12 inch Rock Bass on 8-27-14. Kyla Stockwell came in 2nd when she landed an 11 3/8 inch Rock Bass on 7-29-14. Third place ended up as a tie at 11 1/4 inches between Calvin Rooke and Kathy Johanning.

The 2014 Bullhead Champion is Ryan Schwartz. He landed a big 14 inch Bullhead on 8-31-14. Calvin Rooke was 2nd with a 12 1/2 inch Bullhead (8-28-14). Lynn Nagel finished 3rd at 12 inches (7-8-14). Bob Mohs was 4th at 11 3/4 inches (8-21-14).

Those of you coming to Oak Haven in 2015 will enjoy the new pages we just added to each cabin's Welcome Book, that show our guets Top Ten All-Time for nine different species of fish. We have accumulated eight years of data and have posted all-time (modern day) Giant Fish records. Thanks for being part of the fun at Oak Haven.