Wayne was out last weekend - fishing was slow. He found that the center of the lake just south of the star island was only 12-13" of ice. but else ware it was about 15" but with the last few days of 18-20 and some wind it is growing deeper. The heave on this south end of the lake starts at the hwy 2 access and heads north and around the east side of star island it is about 2' high in most areas but some of the guests have crossed it with a 4 wheeler down by the access. Larry B tells me the fish have moved into 4" of water, he was last out on the north end of the lake. Some reports are coming in about Pike bay have more activity but small perch. The Weather changes have been behind the slow activity. Cloudy with wind on this New Year day, and snow. Looks to be at 2 inches so far - that will make the driving around on that ice a little better.