I am currently booking trips and many clients have already started filling in dates. The longer you wait the less likely I will have one of the below peak times available.

When is a good time?
I have said this before in previous emails but this is a question that I get most often.
Any time on or near a full/new moon is excellent. I will break down and explain some of the peak times not associated with moon periods.

June (first month of the season):
The first three weeks is a trolling bite on the big lakes. We rack up numbers of big fish during this time. It is an excellent time to catch a 50 if casting isn't your game. On the smaller lakes fish can be caught casting usually around the second week.

•June Full Moon: 2nd
•June New Moon: 16th

Late June/Early July:
Another time that gets overlooked is what I refer to as the "initial push." It is the first time that the big fish abandon the open water and start roaming the emergent weeds. This is very dependent on water temperature. The big girls haven't seen baits for 7+ months and are chewing on top waters and small bucktails.

•July Full Moon: 1st and 31st
•July New Moon: 15th

Mid July to Mid August:
This is your typical early morning late evening summer fishing. Fish are forced to feed more due to warmer temps. Couple this time period with a full moon and you should be able to put multiple fish in the boat night fishing.

•August Full Moon: 29th
•August New Moon: 14th

If you like shallow water fish this is your month. Pre-turnover the fish are typically very shallow on all the lakes up here. This is when the shallow sand of Cass starts kicking out fish. Also the reed bite can be an excellent option as well toward the end of the month.

•September Full Moon: 27th
•September New Moon: 13th

Fish start filling out and if you are looking for a fat girl to hold this is your time. Turnover usually happens within the first week.

•October Full Moon: 27th
•October New Moon: 12th

Lakes are starting to get cold and the tulibees are staging off of the breaklines during this month.
I am casting typically the first two weeks and trolling the last two. Shore ice can start forming and can determine the lake you will be able to fish. Usually this is a trophy hunt and you are only looking for one fish. The heaviest fish of the season comes in November. I also charge more in November for a trip due to the trophy potential.

•November Full Moon: 25th
•November New Moon: 11th

Check your vacation dates and contact me. I have already put down close to 25 dates for the summer months. I have two different international groups that have taken a significant amount of dates.

If you have any questions feel free to call, text, or email me. 507 456-9023

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