Winter has definitely set in early again this year. Most lakes are iced up now, only the largest and deepest (Trout, White Sand, Twin) are or have open spots.

Ice fishing has started in the some of the back bays on area lakes, however for this guy it's hunting season. 20 inches of snow in the woods will make the typical happy foot hunter a little less aggressive this week, and also the removal of deer will be a challenge. If one of the 3 big bucks that I have pictures of makes an appearance, then ice fishing will be my next focus.....based on last year and this year starting, I think there will be plenty of time to ice fish!

Good Luck to all hunters this weekend!!

On a side note, I know that a lot of guys don't have the vacation time to come north and scout for hunting locations. I have thinking about guiding next year for deer rifle season. I would take a max of 5-6 hunters. Stands/ground blinds or climbers would be used pending either private or public land. Drive north, get shown the area(stand), stay at St Germain Lodge and let all the scouting and work be left up to me...let's hear some feedback