Ralph and Norma Domras are friendly seasonal campers here at Oak Haven who catch lots of Walleyes. Their grandson Jake Modell is now 16 years old. During Ralph and Norma's four years with us...we've enjoyed watching Jake grow, his smile and his enthusiasm for fishing. Jake also has offered a helping hand to many younger kids who just happened to be here when Jake arrived. This true story is about....how good things happen to good people.

A couple of weeks ago, Jake and Ralph were excited about their scheduled upcoming Muskie fishing trip with Cass Lake Fishing Guide Brian Jones. But when Saturday, October 25th arrived, high winds forced the trip to be cancelled. They knew with late fall/early winter conditions arriving, their windows of opportunity to go fishing were limited. Ralph and Jake's first piece of luck was....Brian's schedule was open for Sunday the 26th and the trip was on.

It was a chilly, breezy October morning. Just right for Muskie fishing. The three guys ventured out onto Cass Lake in Brian's boat. During the first two hours, they felt three bumps but no takers. Then around 10:15 AM...Jake calmly set the hook and uttered the words..."I have one!" The battle was on! Brian grabbed their big Muskie dip net. A minute can seem like ten minutes as the fish kept it's distance from the boat. Three separate times Brian pulled back the net because the fish was not ready to surrender. But with Jake working his drag and showing the skills he's learned over the last few years, Brian was able to net the fish as Jake steered it along side the boat. As the fish went in the net Jake's lure flew from the fishes mouth. All three guys assisted in pulling the monster into the boat. Whew!! High fives all around and smiles as big as they get!

Though exhausted, the trio worked quickly. The goal was a quick and healthy live release. They laid out a tape measure and all could see the fish was over 51 inches long...but less than 52. The girth was a stunning 24 inches. They took some pictures and set the big Muskie back into the water where it zipped away....to be caught another day.

Jake Modell's Grandpa Ralph Domras said "this was my greatest fishing experience."

Fine work gentlemen.