Fall is definitely into full swing now. Lakes have turned over, (maybe a couple of largest haven't), but where I have been everything is done. Lake temps range from 48 to 53 for me over the past several days.

Suckers are in decent supply, with both Ray and The Sportmarine have full tanks.

As with the past report, I am only guiding muskies right now, so any other species report or tips can be found out by emailing me directly.


I've been averaging 3 to 5 bites a day over the past 2 weeks. Some days it's all live bait, some days it's all lures, and some days a mix of both. There has been a couple days where only 2 bites have happened, but that's fishing.

After the last cold snap I found a pile of muskies deep. Between myself and guests at the resort, one area gave up 13 muskies in 3 days (all live bait). This was a steep rock break leading to a hole in 22' to 35' feet of water. It was an awesome couple of days, however a slight warm up changed that in a hurry and pushed the muskies back to weed edges.

Depending upon the day, I start where I left off the day prior. Meaning if deep weed edges produced fish, go there, otherwise, rock. Battling the wind has been the worst nightmare, now today it is suppose to be quiet again(nice).

Depth Raiders, DDD's, Grandmas, Jakes, Red October Tubes, and Bulldawgs are my go to lure selection right now. We did have a 45 incher eat a Fuzzy Duzzit Tuesday afternoon in 30' of water, so vertical presentations aren't out of the question.

There has been a strong bite around the moon phases....pay attention to overhead, underfoot, rise, set.....one of the slowest days ended with 2 bites....both happened at set and underfoot....also don't give up one hour before dark, this can be go time. A lot of times, if the whole day is slow, the last hour is magical....stay out until dark.

So far the days that I have guided in October have only resulted in one fishless day.....15 of 16 days with fish in the boat. I think this is going to be an excellent Fall much like the one of 2010.