The nearest border crossings for our US guests coming to the resort are in Minnesota... so this is important to ALL of our US guests. Also... please don't lose sight of the current MN requirement for boat drain plugs to be removed.

My opinions - I think the Minnesota DNR and government are frustrated by the invasive species, the damages done and the costs they are left pay in battling the invasive species.

While this seems to be a pain in butt for those not planning to visit a Minnesota water way or those not well equipped for online training. I do hope it can be a positive thing that also helps in keeping invasive species out of our area and your home area.

The prices for training and decals seem very fair as it likely costs them more than what they are charging.

Subject to change.... this is a brief on what you need to know.


Effective date for the law change is July 1 2015.

ALL of our guests who transport watercraft or water-related equipment with a trailer in Minnesota need to complete training and display the decal on their trailer. This includes anyone just passing through Minnesota.

Online computer based Training and Decal will cost $5.00. Renewal required every 3 years. Additional Decal for additional trailers is $2.00. Training available online starting January 1st 2015. Training course should take about 30 minutes to complete.

A temporary 7 day pass will be immediately available... You can register for the class and get a temporary pass that gives you 7 days to complete the training.