Sorry for the delay in reports. My site has been down, and computer issues.


The bite has been good when the conditions are good. We've had a lot of flat sunny days over the past few weeks so the bite was early and late which is typical.

I've been finding walleyes in sandgrass, deeper sand bars, and weed edges(all dependent on the lake). One thing that is weird is the lack of rock bar fish.

I have 3 walleye trips on the books for the next 2 months, so here is the best tips that I can provide. Water temps are sitting around 68 to 70 on most lakes, which is making for a great crawler bite. As the temps start dropping into the lower 60's, minnows are going to start playing a roll. Look for fish to move back to weed edges as the water cools, and also to move to mud flats near deeper holes. There is always the exception to every rule, but this is our typical trend in Vilas County. Go with the lightest jig possible for the conditions, and only go heavier if your are having trouble feeling bottom.

Any specific questions feel free to email me.


The bite has been very good the past 10 days. All of my fish have been coming from shallow weed flats and edges. Blades(anything from double 8's to 10's) are getting the most attention, with some large spinnerbaits and topwaters mixed in. This bite will continue to get better as the we get closer to turnover. The best topwater action is right around the corner(pre-turnover). I have been averaging around 3 bites a trip, but some days the muskies are nipping and the slightest error during battle results in lost fish. 3 days in a row, we lost quality fish(45 plus) at boatside due to muskies that nipped and were barely beak hooked.....too bad.

Hopefully Mother Nature will provide us with a real Fall. No more warm ups, just a nice cool down and a speedy turnover. Bring on the sucker bite!!!


These guys are providing some action in the evenings along weed edges suspended 1/2 way down. Very soon they will start moving to deeper holes and suspend just above the mud bottom. Small plastics and minnows will treat you well vertically presented on top of the fish.