Is it the end of August already? Wow the summer has went fast. We have had one heck of a fishing season so far. Our slowdowns during the summer really weren't slowdowns. Some of our slower days are better than most places good days. We had to deal with a record mayfly hatch and also huge numbers of shad. But in all we had a great August!!

Right now we are catching 35 to 60 plus fish depending on the day and how long you are on the water. Our size is running from 14 to 18 inches with an occasional fish in the 20 plus inch range. Doing most of our guiding at the moment on Lake Sharpe, with a little done on Francis Case. Still mostly crawlers. Some guys on the water are catching their fish cranking shad raps. I have also been catching a few on minnows depending on the day. We are also picking up some smallies, depending on the day. Most are deeper than 15 feet. So hard to corner day to day.

We have a busy September coming up. Looks like a record September if weather does not change things. We look forward to having you out fishing with us. As a reminder that you will not have a set of guides work harder to make sure you have a fantastic time on the water catching walleyes. There is not a place where the guides work together to try and make every trip enjoyable. Not just one boat.

Our Fishing outlook right now looks like we might have to work to get them. Although things can change fast, especially when the mayfly hatch completely goes away. . We are catching a lot of 14+ inch fish with an occasional good one. So some days you might have to put in your time to get them. As all my repeat customers know, we will go to great lengths to try and figure out a successful walleye pattern. Our reputation depends on it.

Some guide services will make up a story to get you to book with them. We will tell you the facts on size and numbers. There is nothing worse for you or us, if you are out with false expecations. We do not believe in the saying of 'should have been here yesterday'. Some days there will be an off day, so we always suggest booking 2 days if time and finances will allow.

A word on dad's shoulder surgery. Everything is coming out good. He is having hopes of duck hunting in October. Maybe shooting some doves in Sept, but will have to see on that. Also he really misses the fishing. If the weather is good, he will be going out with me tomorrow (Aug 27, as am guiding his sister from California)

FYI, have you seen the show on Wild Dakota Outdoors? It turned out very good. On Midco Sports TV.

Here is my report from Aug 4-Aug 25.

On Aug 4th I had a group out from Presho, SD and New Zealand. We had an excellent trip. WE caught 35-40 fish, with a dandy stringer of mostly 16-19 inch walleyes. It was one of the Couple from New Zealands last South Dakota memories before returning home.

Aug 5 I had a family out from Spencer and Storm Center, IA. We caught 45 walleyes fishing the West Bend area.

Aug 6-7 I had a family out from Oakland and Carson, IA. Our numbers were down a little on day 1, had to deal with mother nature and some rain. We caught 30 plus fish on day 1 and 60-70 on day 2. Group had an excellent time.

Aug 8 I guided part of company group. We caught a 20 and a 24 incher with this limit (caught 60 plus fish). In all our guide boats caught 5 over 20 on this day. The group had a great time and is already getting ready for next years trip.

Aug 9th I had a group out from Sioux Falls and Tea, SD. Bite was tougher in the morning for me. But had an awesome last 90 min on the water. We ended up catching 35 to 40 fish.
ON day 2
On Aug 10th I had a repeat customer from Cedar Creek and Plattsmouth, NE. We caught 60 plus walleyes with a 20 and a 21 incher in our bag. A great day as always with this group.

On Aug 11th I had a group from Buffalo City, Arcadia, and Prairie de Clare, WI. On another day I did not start real good. But generally if you work at it, it will come together by the end of the day. You might see a pattern there for a couple days. We finished strong for 35 to 40 fish.

Aug 12 I had a group out from Sioux Falls area. Another day I started a little slow. But stumbled into one heck of an active school of walleyes later in the day to catch 50 plus fish.

Aug 13 I had a group out from Spirit Lake, IA and Tokyo, Japan. Yes grandsons from Tokyo. The boys had a terrific time catching 55 fish. A great way to end their summer in the states.

Aug 14 off

Aug 15-16 I was part of a company group out from Schuyler and Columbus, NE. They had a fantastic time catching walleyes. On day one we 50 to 55 fish. On day 2 we caught 30 fish and quit by 10:30 a.m.

Aug 17 I had a group out from Blue Earth, MN. It was one of my tougher days. We ended up catching 25 fish. Storm pushed us off at 1:15. I made a bad choice in fishing spots and did not have time to recover. Even though it was one of the groups best days on the water and the kids had a great time.

Aug 18-19 I had a family out from Pandorf, NE. In 2 days we caught 90 fish. This was the first trip I started catching any volume of smallies with my walleyes.

Aug 20 off to get bowling center ready for the season.

Aug 21 I had a gentleman out from Houston, TX. We had a fantastic time of walleye and smally fishing. Catching 35 to 40 fish. Limit of both.

Aug 22-23 I had a repeat customer from Plattsmouth, NE. We sure missed having Charly this time. But Jay and Jeff were alright with it, because they got to enjoy some great South Dakota Fishing. Day 1 we caught 65 fish and came in with 13 smallies. Day 2 we caught 55 total fish with a limit of 20 smallies. Will see you during pheasant season if not before.

Aug 24-25 I had a father/son out from Seward and Omaha, NE. We caught a total of 120 fish in 2 days with a limit of walleyes and smallies both days. I had a great time guiding these guys and will see you soon.

Until next time
Mike Allen