The fishing has been hit and miss. We will do very well for three or four days and then the lakes will be off for two or three days. The new moon recently has provided consistent day time action. The full moon of August was a disappointment. However we did catch three over 50 during the day on the full moon.
The lower water temps this year generally speaking have not been conducive to a night bite. Most of the fish we have boated this year have been during the day. Stop and go baits have been working as of lately. Bucktails have definitely taken a back seat.
Hopefully September brings on a topwater bite as we have not had consistent action on top this entire year. Surprisingly we have not boated one muskie on a topwater bait this year.
The water temps have remained stagnant at 71-72.5. The water temps have remained unchanged since July 3. The water temps usually do climb during the day a degree or two. The slight climb also coincides with the afternoon action that we have had this year.
We have caught many large fish this year in comparison to previous years. We haven't seen near the numbers as usual.
The Frank Schneider Tournament is coming up. Good luck to all the anglers that are participating!