Will here it is August already. Where has the summer gone? Before you know it school will start and there will be a chill in the air. Hope everyone out there has had an excellent summer so far.

Couple things before I get into the report. As most of you know my dad (Garry) had rotator cuff surgery May 20th. He is progressing well. His goal is to be able to hunt ducks, geese, and pheasants this fall. He is right on or ahead of schedule. Also as some of you know I took my daughter to Buffalo, NY for a week of bowling competition. She finished about in the middle of the pack (almost 1100 kids in her division). Next year she will be a senior and we will be off to Chicago.

On to the fishing. Fishing has still been excellent for the guides. Most days we are catching 50 to 100 fish per day. We are occasionally catching a few smallies while walleye fishing. Fishing has been excellent on Lake Sharpe from North of Iron Nation to the Big Bend Dam. Also Crow Creek to the dam has been producing some nice stringers. We have been catching 14 to 18 inch fish with an occasional fish from 18 to 22. Some of these excellent fishing days posted on our You Tube Page
Allen's South Dakota Fishing and Hunting Lodge. https://www.youtube.com/user/sdwalleyeguide (hope this link works, you can brouse or search our channel) We also just done a Fishing Show on Wild Dakota Outdoors which aired yesterday and today on Midco Sports Net, hopefully we can add this to our list.

Here is my report starting June 30th.
On June 30-July 1-2nd I had a couple out from Miles, IA. We caught around 280 to 300 fish in the 3 days of fishing. We fished 2 different areas. On day 2 we caught 90 fish in a 40 plus mph wind. Thankfully we were fishing in a sheltered area. On day 3 we went smally fishing. Caught 90 fish with a combination of walleyes and smallmouth. Caught 2 trophy smallmouth also.

On July 3 I had a family out from Rapid City, IA. We caught 60 - 70 fish by noon. It was a fantastic day.

Off July 4-5 to be with family

On July 6th I had a family from Kansas City, MO. We caught 45 plus fish, fishing until noon. Excellent time.

On July 7th I had a couple guys from Chamberlain and their nephews from Omaha, NE. We caught 70 plus fish. The boys had a fantastic time. They will remember the trip forever.

On July 8th-9th I had a group out from Lincoln, NE, Des Moines, IA and Defensive coach from Grandview College. We done a You Tube Video on this trip. On day 1 we caught 55 plus fish fishing south of Chamberlain. I made a move to the Big Bend Dam on day 2 and caught 80 plus fish. Walleye fished in the morning on Case and Smally fished on Sharpe. Pretty awesome fishing day!! Already rebooked for next year.

July 10 I had women out from Sioux Falls and Rapid City, SD. They had a blast. Again we fished walleyes in the morning and smallies in the afternoon as I was fishing the Big Bend Dam area. We caught 70-75 fish. The women had a ball and look forward to seeing you next year.

I was on my trip to Buffalo from July 11 to the 18th.

On July 19-20 I was part of a tv Crew for Wild Dakota Outdoors. They tape a show and take out either disabled vets or children with and illness or disability. We had 2 awesome days of fishing. The father/son in the show was from Murdo, SD. We caught 125 fish in 2 days of fishing and taping. Show is on Midco Sports Network. As of this writing, show was not on internet yet.

On July 21 I had a family out from Steen, MN. Lots of action with nice fish. We caught 90 to 100 fish.

On July 22 I had a group out from Witchita Falls, TX. We caught 80 plus fish. Had to work to get the nicer fish on this day. In the end we got them, they had an excellent time.

On July 23 I had a family out from Ericson, NE. Excellent day on the water catching 80 plus fish.

On July 24-25 made a change of Venue. This group from Sioux Falls always seems to catch a dandy walleye. Last year we released one over 24. This year we released one over 23 on day 1. We caught 85 fish in 2 days of fishing, with 2 dandy stringers of walleyes along with releasing a 23 incher.

On July 26-27 I had a family with guide Brian Ward out from Harlan, IA, Minneapolis, Mn and Omaha, NE. On day 1 we had an excellent day with a very nice stringer of walleyes. day 2 was a little tougher (we had 30 plus mile per hour wind and decided to fish out of the wind, for more comfort for our customers). We still ended up with limits of walleyes out of both boats). They cannot wait to come back next year.

July 28-29 I had 3 generations from Des Moines, IA. We caught 110 fish in the 2 days of fishing. The grandson (age 7) caught most of the fish and had a fishing trip to remember. I look forward to help making more memories next year. Part of this group will be back in September.

July 30-31 I had a group out from Laurel, NE. This group has been coming out for 30 years. We caught 60 fish the first day and 45 fish (quit fishing at 11:30) Look forward to fishing with you guys this fall.

Aug 1 off

Aug 2-3 I had a group out from Harlan, IA, Omaha, NE and Memphis, TN. We caught 65 fish on day 1, with a limit of 15 to 18 inch fish by noon. On day 2 we left a little earlier (5:30 a.m.) As they had to catch a plane in Omaha, NE at 6:00 p.m. We caught 30 fish by 8:30 a.m. with a limit of 14 to 18 inch walleyes. Pretty good story to tell there. No one they called this morning believed it.

Until next time
Mike Allen