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    Sorry on not posting lately, have been busy. Walleye fishing during daylight hours has been tough for most. Walleyes are not schooled. I have had to move continuously picking up a fish here and there. Hard to establish a true pattern. Slow trolling bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses allows you to cover water. I have been using 2 1/2 to 3 oz. bottom bouncers. Keeps the presentation just off the bottom. Can also be used in deeper water. The fish have been most active during low light hours which is a summer pattern. Spend time with the family during the day or golf, hit the water in the evening. Trolling crank baits has been the most popular presentation. Experiment with colors and depths.

    Muskie fishing is starting to pick up. Fish weeds if you can find some, there are scattered weeds in the usual locations in Sucker and Portage Bays. Do not expect to find the large lush cabbage, it is gone for the most part due to the Rusty Crayfish invasion. Water is clear and makes fishing the rocks on bright days a very tough bite. Low light hours or wind will bring the rocks into play. With the lack of vegetation fish all good looking spots. Rocky shore lines, points, and humps. Target areas like pan fish locations and traditional walleye and perch haunts. Please post some success or failure on your recent fishing. We all want to learn something. Sometimes eliminating water and presentations can help in setting a pattern.

    Good luck, Murph, Tight Lines
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    It seems unconventional spots and methods have been the drill this season so far out there. The weeds seem even a bit behind from last years slow start. Normally guys from the resort i call home catch a few trolling pike early in the season but that hasnt been the case this year. Lots of 2 foot snot rockets out there. Not sure where the big pike went either you used to get a mid to upper 30's at least every once in a while. Weather has seemed to play even more of a role lately. We just can't seem to get a long enough stretch of stable stuff. It seems they are ghosts and then we get a couple days of stable weather and they come out of the woodwork for a day and we catch them just prior to the next front rolling through. Still not seeing much for big fish yet and trolling not producing out in the abyss like it has in the past. That being said i learn something about this lake every time out and can't wait to get on it tomorrow again.
    Tons of forage out there also where i'm fishing. Tough sledding but its gotta turn around. Just have to Keep on casting!! If ya see the skunk colored 621 out there stop by and say hi.

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