Wow!!!! I cannot believe it has been this long since I posted a report. It has been a very busy month. If you pay attention to our new website or facebook, you will see a lot of happy faces with their pictures. We set a record for the number of trips through our lodge. Also we only have 2 nonfill days out of that record month. One boat with 4 came in with 12, but quit fishing at 12:30. I had a boat of 4 and came in with 14. I do not know of another fishing lodge with that type of success running 10 plus guide boats per day. We are looking at a busy July. We are still catching 15-20 plus inch fish on both reservoirs. On Sat we had 14 boats out. 6 on Lake Sharpe fishing Iron Nation area, 8 fishing Keiners to Landing Creek. All catching limits with great success.

Bite is switching to crawlers. 10 to 15 feet on Case and 10 to 25 foot on Sharpe depending on where you are. We are also on a world class smallmouth bite, Especially if you are in it for the day.

Before I start my report, here is some info on Garry. As some of you know he had rotator cuff surgery in May. Things are progressing well. He is starting to run a majority of the office hours. He really misses the fishing. Especially with the limits we have been pulling in. But he is thinking about hunting pheasants and geese. Things are progressing right on schedule. Starts rehab with therapist on Tues.

Starting May 21

May 21 I had 2 guys from Both sides of the state. One from Sioux Falls and 1 from Rapid City. We had an excellent time catching 90 fish. We fished the Kiowa area north of Chamberlain.

On May 22-23 I had a group out from the Sioux Falls area. We caught 185 fish in 2 days. Actually shot a video that day posted on my You Tube Page. Or Allen's South Dakota Fishing and Hunting Lodge. I have guided this group for around 12 years. Already rebooked for next year.

On May 24-25, Still fishing the Kiowa Flats area north of town. I had a group out from Yankton, SD. We caught over 200 fish in 2 days with a dandy stringer of walleyes. What a great family vacation!!

On May 26th I moved to Elm Creek. I had a family from Sioux Falls, SD. We covered some water to find a fast bite for the kids. We found it!! Caught 90+fish with a limit by noon. They had a fantastic time!!!

May 27 off weather day

May 28 I had a group out from Springfield, MO and Eastern Iowa. We again were fishing the Elm Creek area catching over 100 fish.

May 29 off (Dr Appt)

May 30-June 1, I had a group out from Des Moines, IA. This group had been with me for 12-15 years. On days 1 and 2 we walleye fished, catching 125 walleyes. Pretty awesome I would say. On day 3 we went smally fishing. Caught over 60 fish. Does not get much better!

On June 2-4, I had a group out from Tampa, Fl and Bloomfield, CO. We fished Francis Case on Day 1 (125 fish). Went smally and walleye fishing on Sharpe on days 2 and 3. 45 fish on day 1, with a limit of walleyes and smallies. (Day got cut short due to weather). Caught 75 fish mostly smallies on day 3. Already rebooked for next year.

June 5-6 I had a group out from Defiance and Ames, IA. We made a change in Venue on Sharpe looking for some bigger fish. Found them!! Caught over 100 fish in 2 days.

Jun 7 I had a group out from Waverly, IA fishing the same area. We caught 50 plus fish with a dandy stringer of walleyes!

June 8-9. Made a change in Venue due to no wind. I also made a mistake on what spots to move to. My only non-fill day this year. We ended up coming in with 14 (4 people). Caught 100 plus walleyes. Lots of action. One thing about it, if I do not come in with my fish, you will see a lot of water. Learned from my mistake on day 1 to catch a very nice stringer of fish by 1:00 p.m. (20 with my fish). Overall an excellent trip.

June 10-11 I guided a group from the Lincoln, Fremont, and Kansas City area. 2 excellent days of fishing catching 180 plus walleyes. I have fished with them off and on for 25 years. Every year for the last 5 plus years. Already rebooked for next year.

June 12-13 I had a family and friends out from Sanborn, IA. We caught the heck out of the fish, with limit by 11:00 a.m. both days. Estimates at 160 fish for 2 days. We quit early on day 2 so they could go home.

June 14-15, I had a group out from Owatanna, MN. This was year 11, I believe. 2 outstanding days of fishing guiding with Curt Nepple. Between the 2 boats we caught 350 plus walleyes. Girls in 1 boat and guys in another. Another outstanding fishing vacation. See you next year!!

June 16-17, I had a group out from Clinton, IA. Another group from 10 plus years. We caught over 190 fish in the 2 days. Limit of walleyes (20) by 11:00 a.m. on day 2.

June 18, we had a company group that we have been with for over 20 years. We caught 70 fish, with a 4th place finish in their company fishing event.

June 19-20 had a repeat customer of close to 10 years from Lincoln, NE as part of a 3 boat crew. We caught 190 fish in 2 days(in just my boat)with limits (20) both days. All 3 boats had an outstanding trip.

June 21 I had repeat customers of close to 15 plus years on a 3 boat crew. (Joel Carlson and Scott Handel). My boat alone caught 110 fish. We had to work to get our limits, but got them.

June 22-23 I had a group out from Fairmont, MN, St Charles, MO, and Lady Lake, FL on a family vacation of 3 boats. Awesome fishing catching 185 fish out of just my boat in the 2 days.

See a pattern yet? Very good fishing with consistent numbers every day.

June 24 I had a group out from the Presho area. We only fished till 10:30 a.m. with limit (20). What a fishing trip!!

June 25 I had a group out from Chamberlain on a Birthday Fishing Trip. A great day catching over 115 fish. It does not get any better than this.

June 26 I had 2 couples out from Creighton and Petersburg, NE. The wives in the boat sure showed their husbands how to fish. We caught over 75 fish with our limit (16).

June 27-29 I had a family out from Britt, IA area. They had a fantastic time. Fished both reservoirs. Catching some dandy catfish and smallies, on top of limits of walleyes. Caught 160 fish the first 2 days and 25 smallies on a short day on day 3.

Hopefully next time will be sooner.
Until Next time
Mike Allen