Hi Folks Ė Well, itís been a little bit since my last report. The fishing has been so good itís been hard finding time to get off the water. When it comes to walleyes, the weed bite is going strong. Fish are relating to any new green weed and depth hasnít been a factor. My customers have been boating quite a few fish in the 23 to 31-inch bracket along with a lot of 16 to 20-inchers for eating purposes. Lakes have been where itís at lately if you want big fish. Area flowages are producing some fish, but mainly 14 to 16 inches in size. The action on the flowages has been much slower than lakes. Iíve been concentrating my efforts on small waters right here in Boulder Junction. Jig and minnow has still been my top producer, but crawlers and leeches have gotten better every day lately. I have not seen the bug hatch yet, but it has to be closing in on us. Iíve only seen a few localized shells on the water.
Muskys have been muskies as of late. After coming through a frenzy of smaller fish at the beginning of the month these fish have settled in and we are beginning to see some BIG FISH lurking around. If youíre heading out chasing musky, look at green weeds where other fish are; these big ones are hanging out right on the edge of these places. There seems to be a pretty good late morning bite window and again in the early evening.
Bass have been going crazy lately. Smallies are gorging on crawfish and are more than willing to hit crawlers. These fish are getting better every day and warmer temps will help even more. Largemouth bass have finished with spawn for the most part and pulled back into weeds. We have done best with leeches and large minnows. There are still a few stragglers in tight so donít ignore these places.
Well thatís all for now ----

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