The fishing, like the weather, has been inconsistent the past couple of weeks. Constant changing weather, sometimes several times during the same day, seems to have the fish a bit confused. Our best action has been when the sun comes out and the temps warm up, which is kind of unusual since generally fishing is better with overcast conditions. I guess I'm not really surprised since the past year has been anything but normal. I might add that this has been the case on lakes with darker water. The clear water lakes have still been best under low light conditions. We have still been catching quite a few fish most days but allot of undersized walleyes have been showing up recently, but with a few keeper walleyes combined with a mix of perch and crappies we still end up with a nice bag of filets on most days. Best action by far has been coming on crawlers. The bass fishing which had been very good has slowed. Surprisingly there is still a quite a bit of spawning activity going on with the bass, particularly on the larger lakes. Once they have completed their spawn I expect the bass action to pick back up. I see some nice warm weather in the forecast for the upcoming weekend. Hopefully the weather will stabilize and we won't have the daily storm chances in the forecast which would help the fishing.