Sorry for the delay in reports as this has been one of my busiest springs every. Fishing has remained steady we have seen a slight decrease in numbers of walleyes in the boat the last few days with the high sun, and lack of wind instead of 40+ walleye days we are now seeing 15-20 fish days. I would guess this will improve with some wind and clouds forecasted in the next few days. Fish are still relating to green weeds, but have moved deeper during the times of high sun. The leeches and crawlers are beginning to produce as the bugs have started to hatch. We have seen dragonflies, midges, and we are starting to see a few mayflies coming. Thank goodness for dragonflies as they have helped with the mosquito population. I would say fishing will remain steady for at least another 10 days before we see that slight decline because of the bugs, but then we just move to different waters to avoid the decreased bite and by the time those lakes start to see the decline we can come back and pick up where we left off. As aways tight lines!