Hi everyone

We are sorry that we haven't posted a updated fishing report in a while. It seems everyone is doing more social media such as Facebook and that's where we do most of the posting's at.. We will be more up to date on the site as well.. If you have Facebook and you are not following us on there please do so!

With the spring being up and down as everyone knows the fishing this spring hasn't been like usual. We stayed cold for a very long time but now things are finally going.. I knew that May and June would be the months to fish because of cold weather early.. It put everything behind about a month. The last few weeks have been better than the rest of spring has been..

The lake is clear all over and water temps are 75 weeds look really good and are coming on great.. The best lures have been Esox Assault #10 blades and Medussa's (mid size) have worked the best.. It's not very often that we get extended fishing into late June but this year looks like we are..

Make sure you stop in the shop if you go out we have some really good used equipment left as well as new.. Good luck out there and I'll see you on the pond