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Thread: First Musky Report 5/28

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    I opted to not chase muskies on the opening weekend. For one thing the water was still cold and I think the muskies were still spawning in several of our area lakes. I think summer may finally have gotten to the northwoods. The water is warming up nicely and the weeds are growing at a rapid pace. I am seeing fish in that 4-8 foot range in or close to new weed growth. We fished for a couple hours yesterday and saw 2 fish and lost a nice muskie on a Bucher shallow raider. we went out again today for a couple hours and caught a couple pike and boated the first muskie of the season. She ate a phantom soft tail in 5 feet of water over new growth cabbage. It is nice to get the first slime in the boat for the year. Things are still a little slow but should increase in the next couple weeks. I would still concentrate my efforts on the smaller darker lakes and flowages. These will allow for the most action right now. Twitch baits, gliders and small Jerk Baits are working the best right now.

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    Default First Musky Report 5/28

    heck ya a 22 is still the way to go and I would get a good Bolt gun BUT BUT if this is for a child say under 10 then a BB gun
    till he / she gets the hang of things

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