Just spent a couple days fishing for walleyes. The bite was slow and picked up as the weekend went on. Friday evening the water temps were 41 degrees. We caught a couple fish, females that were ready to start spawning. As the weekend progressed and wit the nice sun for a change the water crept up to around 43-44 degrees. The bite was still what I would consider slow. Slip bobbers were getting the most action and then as evening approached I switch up to casting crankbaits and would continue until a hour or so after dark. I could hear fish splashing after dark on the shoreline so they were actively spawning. Just remember that not every fish in the lake comes up at the same time. Some fish are done and others are just coming in. The next week should show some major increases in fish activity.
Her is a pic of one of the bigger fish I caught the last few days. It is 28 1/2 inch female full of spawn. We are catching fish from little males to 23-25 inches.
The weather this week should warm up the lakes which should also start to see some crappies start to come in. This year we are going to see changes rapidly from species to species. I talked to someone that said on a smaller lake they saw a pair of muskies swimming side by side past their dock. The musky opener coming up this weekend I would concentrate on the smaller dark water lakes if possible. it will be your best bet for action. Small twitch baits and jerk baits would be my first choice.

Good Fishing