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Thread: musky lure problem

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    Default musky lure problem

    I have started making my own flashabou double bladed inline spinners (ala cowgirls and showgirls), but I am having a problem with the flashabou getting sucked forward by the blades to the point of making a giant ball of tinsel that is tangling with itself, the shaft, and the front hook. Also, it does not look natural, and makes a 10 inch profile into about a 5 inch profile. I know some "flare" in the top skirt is the trademark of double bladed flashabou spinners, but I have too much of a good thing, and the entire flashabou mass is getting sucked forward. Any thoughts as to the problem, and the potential remedy?

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    Maybe a little bucktail would tame it down a bit, know thats how Fred Hirsch does it.

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