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Thread: Fishing season is under way

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    The ice on almost all lakes is now off. The lakes are warming very quickly. Some of the back bays already hitting close to 60 degrees and the main lakes are in the 50's. Some of the lakes that just shed the ice are still colder but they will also warm quickly. Lakes are at full pool or up this year so far.Fishing is going to pick up this next week as spawns come and go. This weekend was a little difficult as fish are in a major transition phase right now. Crappies we caught deep last week are moving toward there spawning bays. They were no shallow yet and they were not real active deep. Walleyes are still shallow and feeding on the darker lakes. I would expect a good crank bait bite for the next week or so as these fish come off of spawn and are actively feeding. Make sure to check online for walleye limits as they are not posted correctly at most landings. I have not seen any limits change as of yet.

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    For those that are looking for the early season regs, the link above will provide. Be sure, I know a very well respected guide who almost made the mistake thinking it was two when it was one. Fortunately all the fish he caught while looking for the last one weren't small enough and were spawning females so each went back...


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