Hi Folks. Well life is getting better every day. Quite a few lakes opened up on Wednesday, finally giving anglers some choices. This has been another late ice year with anglers having only a few rivers to fish. We still have some frozen water out there, but this should be gone in a day or two. Trout Lake could go on Sunday, May 11 if we get the wind theyíre calling for.
The start of the season found walleyes deep and staging for the spawn. The past three days have had walleyes in full spawn mode on many lakes. Iíve been finding fish shallow and very willing to hit. My clients and I have boated 130 walleye in these three days. We have also boated some big smallies and several northerns each day. I do love this time of year! We have been using jig + minnow combos exclusively on these fish. Large Fats have been the bait of choice.

Northerns are getting ready for their big post spawn feed. Iíve begun to find baitfish in them in gorged numbers. This should be fun and many anglers find them to be the best table fare out there. If you go after these fish, concentrate on any weed growth or flooded grass you can find.

Crappies are still hanging in deeper water. We have been catching a few each day and they are big. Iím finding them in 10 to 12 feet of water around sunken timber.
Well thatís all for now ----
Jeff Winters

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