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    Well I did another drive by last night. The lakes were almost going out in front of your eyes. Crescent Lake is now open. The docks are not in yet. I would suspect that the Rhinelander area lakes will be good to go by the weekend. I am hoping to get out and hopefully find some walleyes tonight weather depending. We are having thunder and lightning early this morning. The rain should help warm up the water and get rid of any lingering ice. I think it is going to be a quick warm up this year.

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    On my way up 51 to Mercer this a.m., the ice keeps melting... Brandy lake opened yesterday, Arrowhead has all of its ice pushed to the west end and will be almost all clear this afternoon. Sparkling is covered, Diamond looked open, but with traffic coming at me and looking backwards, I couldn't really confirm that. The Mannie Chain was accessible at Greers last night and looked almost entirely open today on Manitowish and Spider looked close the same... On Rest the north half is open, the south not so much...

    Good fishing, I might try to tonight as well...


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