Well, Spring has finally sprung and we hope you all had wonderful holiday seasons. As we move into the new 2014 season, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made their trips to see us last season and look forward to having more great times with you. We also look forward to seeing those of you who werenít able to make it last year, along with our new guests who are making their first appearance to AML.

WOW! What a winter and off season it has been with record snowfalls and cool temperatures. If you didnít get the cabin fever because of it and are like some who are just beginning to think about or contemplating a trip this season, well NOW IS THE TIME TO GIT ERí DONE!

We still have a few scattered prime time openings, FOR REMAINING AVAILABILITY just give us a call. 1-888-727-5865, send a request form from, or send us an email to for thorough information and help in planning your trip.

There are SPRING SPECIALS running for May 17- June 8, SUMMER SPECIALS June 28 Ė July 5, and
These are excellent fishing times discounted because of off season due to school/sports or holidays. Spring and Fall are beautiful times to spend in the north with few bugs, temperate weather, real fishing camp atmosphere and great fishing.

If you havenít already, be sure and go to facebook at and LIKE. We will be very active this season with daily/weekly pics, videos and updates. For much more detailed reports, help in preparation or references for your trip, go to the weekly fishing reports on the AML website


With a bit later than normal ice out prediction and a tremendous amount of snowfall this past winter, water levels should be normal to a bit high after several years of below normal levels. The result is an exceptional spawning year with some easily predictable spring/early summer fishing patterns and presentations especially for walleye which sets the tone moving forward into a great and highly anticipated 2014 for all species.

From opener May 17 through 2nd week, expect walleyes to be in or very near spawning areas. Creek spawners will be in or near inflowing streams, rivers, their mouths, and nearby shallow bays and points. Lake spawners will be using sand/gravel shorelines and shallow bars on windswept, warmest areas of the lake off the main basin. Typically the creek spawners will be in and out several days or even a week or more before the lake spawners start as incoming water will be warmer and trigger the spawn earlier.

As the season moves past spawn to the 2nd week and early into June look for areas nearby in a natural migratory progression towards the main lake in the forms of dark bottom bays especially with emerging weeds or sand grass, dead or newly emerging reed lines, downed timber shorelines/points rocky or rock weed combo shoreline connected bars/points, gradual tapering sand and gravel shorelines with fingers and bars etc., The key is use the wind and combo that with the warmest water and you will find forage, minnows, bug larvae/hatches, and hungry walleyes.

Keep it simple. Lite jigs tipped with minnows or gulp minnow, twisters, ring worms, split shot or lite slip sinker rig/drop shot with a minnow, slip bobbers and a minnow or leech, flicker shad, rapalas and some spinner rigs will guarantee a tasty fish fry and many more to catch & release. More than likely a trophy too!

Late ice outs only make Pike and Lake Trout fishing and location more consistent and the shallow fishing longer lasting as these cooler water preferring species prowl slowly warming bays, rocky points and sandy shorelines looking for concentrating baitfish. Spoons, suspending minnow baits, jigs tipped with a fluke or sucker minnow, spinner rigs and quick set dead baits are good choices to start with. Bass will not be affected as far as catching, just location and resulting presentation. When/if water temps are not coinciding with daylight hours yet to produce spawning movements and activity, Smallmouth Bass will simply be in the fall patterns of rock bars at 12 -18í you found them in late last season just waiting for the water temp to warm up. Jigs or lindy rigs with dace or small suckers, tube jigs, jig & grub, drop shot plastics, etc.. Once the water starts to reach spawning temp bass will move very quickly into the backs of bays and warming spawning areas setting the exciting pre spawn, spawn and post spawn shallow water fishing everyone talks about. X-rap, flukes, jigs/grubs, pop-r, tubes, spinner baits and drop shot are good choices to cover the spectrum of pre spawn through post spawn possibilities.

Muskies will be far removed with their 3rd week of June opener date and will be done which will make them ready to rock by then. Smaller blades like screamers, flashers, show girls, along with jerk baits like suicks, phantoms, top waters with erratic action like weagles, docs, minnow baits, like big game cranes, shallow raiders, and rubber like regular dawgs will cover the shallow water bay presentations prevalent at the time, but donít be afraid to cast/troll any areas walleye fishermen are catching a lot of walleyes or troll 10-18í down over deep water in basins with bait schools near spawning areas for the biggest females recouping from spawn.

This is just a start, as the season progresses Eagle Lake just keeps getting better and better every season and there seems to be no end in sight but just more and more exciting opportunities for not only numbers but trophies of all sport species found in NW Ontario in one destination. We are proud to be able to offer such a combination of superb services, equipment and personal with a dynamic and diverse fishery all in one package.

The Staff are as ready as ever to get the camp up and running with new decks and additions being added, while each of us all have high expectations of making your 2014 trip to AML better than ever. Pro Staff Guide boats will be all in matching Lund black fleet colours, completely refurbished or new and rigged for the upcoming season. The whole AML fleet has new 2014 Yamaha/Mercury motors from 50-175 hp. Also new this year will be Saturday night American Plan Dinner meals upon arrival to the camp after check-in, which is still 3pm followed by your first Dinner meal at 6pm. New beds in some of our cabins will also allow more comfort for bigger groups and a better nightís cuddle for couples. Wifi accessibility to all cabins is also in the works which we are hopeful to be done by spring.

On the Staff front with partially and fully guided packages becoming more and more the norm and the pressures to guarantee guests the highest quality guides and experience, we are very excited to announce the addition of two more full time Pro-Staff Guides to our AML Guide Team bringing the total of 10 full time on staff professionals. Brad Jaeger and Gordon Pollard will be new additions and join our existing team which unarguably stands alone as the best team on Eagle Lake. Between them both they have accumulation of over 50 years experience and are ready to greet all of you with friendly smiles while also showing you new spots and techniques, along with some big fish.

Some exciting film shoots are set with North American Fisherman in July and John Gillespies Water and Woods in August for airing during the 2014-2015 TV season with several others pending dates being set. NEW FOR 2014, Pod casts will be filmed by guides on the water fishing with guests, interactions at dockside and at lodge functions/seminars, etc., as well as AML Tip Of The Week which will be aired twice weekly on You Tube, Facebook, website, Outdoors First Media Outlets and other viral media. Guests will have the opportunity to share their AML experiences with other sportsmen and women around the world!!!!!!

Our Special Guests Instructor List will be posted shortly also on Facebook and our website, so be sure to stay tuned. So Whether Fishing, Hunting, spending time with friends and family or just plain relaxing. We all at AML are waiting to see you all and make your Canadian experience the very best it can be.