I think many have been following on Facebook.... but I'm back at the resort and getting ready for the 2014 season. I think it will be another great year, but I have a bit of work to do first

Many know that the resort was vandalized over the winter... guess we have some of those “scum of the earth” types near Nestor Falls also... I will say they are very few and not very popular in the community.

Our first round of security cameras are already running and the system is working with our Android and iOS devices. We will do more than camera technology, but it will be visible and has the nice advantages of telling us when anyone comes within sensor range day and night. I'll do some shopping for a PTZ Camera that we can open up for guests to use... but that won't be available to guests until late in the season.

Our mobile devices have tracking software enabled – I think this is a good idea for everyone to have and use... we suggest checking into that for your device and often it is free.

The clean-up from the break-in's is done. Replacement items are here or on order for the damages.... expecting everything to look normal in the next couple weeks.

Anyone other than a guest or established vendor on the property will need to present photo identification at the lodge. If you have a visitor dropping in, please have them stop in the office.


One of the old log cabins collapsed over the winter... the township had said best to keep those old buildings as long as you can because it is hard to say what future guidelines may be involved with new construction and as long it is standing it is classified as remodel. Many regulations were recently set so we should be in good shape. Estimating to have the cabin removed in the next few weeks.


On to better stuff...

The other new window for Cabin #12 arrived (finally)... and expecting to have that completed in a week along with the trim work to wrap up the Cabin #12 project for this year.

Only a small amount of guests last year tried the new “test” bed frames, we are making... feed back has been very positive, so a bunch more were built last fall. 4 new mattresses for Cabin #12, 4 new mattresses for Cabin #10 and 1 new single mattress for Cabin #6 are ready and just waiting for scheduling the delivery truck. I'll be playing catch-up with making more new bed frames in the fall again.

New doors for Cabin #3 and Cabin #17 also coming soon and likely installed in next few weeks.

New picture windows for cabins #21 and #22 are likely delayed until fall as the fitting of them into the cabins is likely to require a fair bit of work as nothing seems to ever be level or square when those old ones come out.

An internet upgrade for the resort is planned for this week... doubling our DSL capacity.

An upgrade to our website is coming soon with main item being greatly improved support for mobile devices. Should be done in a few weeks.

Cabin 23 projects... will be the last of the spring projects.... still a couple feet of snow on the ground in that area of camp. I'm sure pictures will start leaking out on Facebook soon after those are getting completed. :-)


and for those who were just wondering about ice-out... it is more than a week away. Small ponds and flows should be opening up before the coming weekend. I think they are having troubles getting on LOTW now. Last year's ice out was May 13th (the latest I have seen) and presently we are slightly ahead of that pace. The Facebook pictures are nice for seeing how the years compare.

Looking forward to seeing everyone... very soon!