The days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer. Those are all good signs. We have gotten rid of the 10" of snow from last week. The temps the last couple days have been in the 60's. Actually it was 67 degrees in Rhinelander today. I am seeing sighs of spring. I noticed today on a small lake I could see water along the north shore/ The ice was about 2 feet off shore. people are still ice fishing, with caution. If the weather holds we may get lucky and some of the smaller lakes may open. It is up to mother nature now. Keep your fingers crossed. I know many are really itching to get out, as am I, it has been a long cold winter!

The Wisconsin River below Rhinelander is pretty much wide open as of today. So worst case it will be a river opener!

As changes occur I will keep you posted.

Good Fishing,