We need to direct some calls an emails to these key legislators regarding the 55 inch size limit asap.

Copy/ Paste, call and email these elected officials about supporting the state wide Muskie size limit to 55 inches, be respectful and considerate; they are not opposed to this necessarily, but they need to hear from you. Send them photos, share story’s and tell them how important protecting Muskies is to you. Your input is the most important thing in this process; you play a huge role in the decisions that will be made in the very near future, we need to call and email ASAP. This is a new committee with new people that want to hear from you. All of us can make a difference with a few minutes of your time. A quick message over the phone; and copy and paste into your email is very valuable.

Tell them who you are, where you are from, your contact info and why protecting these fish is important. I've added a couple documents to explain the reasons and value of protecting large Muskies. I appreciate your time and consideration.

Thank You

John Underhill

PS feel free to share this with your family, friends, organizations and especially any businesses that rely on Muskies, remember time is of the essence, they want to hear from you.

Call these two Senators as they don't take emails

Senator Thomas M. Bakk
(651) 296-8881

Senator Tom Saxhaug
(651) 296-4136

Email these House Reps

Representative David Dill

Representative Bud Nornes

Representative Mary Franson

Email these Senators

Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen

Senator David J. Osmek

Senator Carrie Ruud

Senator Rod Skoe

Senator Dan Sparks

Senator David J. Tomassoni

Senator Bill Weber

Senator Torrey N. Westrom