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    We are fishing with Sennett in some wretched bay choked with weeds. You really have to pick your moment to cast and work the buck tail through the openings.

    My lure is coming in about 15 feet from the boat and suddenly it's toothy mouth, a flash and a hookset.

    "There's one !"

    I'm in front, and the fish zooms (and I do mean zooms) off to the right, then it rockets directly to the boat, takes a hard right and under the boat it goes. To me, all this happened in a second or two. Hmmmmm.

    I hear this voice screaming from the back of the boat, " STICK YOUR ROD IN THE WATER ! STICK YOUR ROD IN THE WATER ! "

    It seemed like a real good idea at the time, being as the trolling motor is just below me. In one of my more rational moments, I comply with Ty's command seeing as how it looked like my rod was gonna' get bashed on the boat or the trolling motor or get the line in the prop or some other twist of fate.

    It worked. Somehow, after a tussle, the Musky ended up in the net. We all smiled.

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    great story, felt like I was there

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    Ahhhh, memories. Makes the long winter shorter.
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