I know some neat products besides my own inventions that would make for an interesting show. Maybe one or 2 items a week that aren't in chain stores.

I make mini Planer Boards with directional control. They plane to the side and flip direction when given a little pop. I have the BulletBobber, the DualFin and my latest is called the Prowler Planer.

I have been working hard for 10 years to make a planing fishing float that can cover all the bases. My goal is to license the patent. I do not sell them yet because they are very hard to make and I have a very high scrap rate. Machining high density Styrofoam is difficult because it melts on dill bits and worse yet on the band saw. I have to go very slow and back out many times to keep from melting them.

They can do it all! - for casting and retrieving, trolling or river fishing fish from shore, anchored, drifting or trolling - slip rigged or fixed depth - steer them anywhere you want down stream or set it and forget it in the current - flip direction when given a little tug or plane just one direction by moving the weight to a keel - steer under trees or docks and come back out - troll from shore - put in the hydrofoil for high speed walking, paddling, currents or trolling! Fishing in rivers with wicked currents and eddies is a riot but they can help catch fish in many ways.

They can they can pull BIG lures for their size. They cut a furl like a water skier cuts out to the side of the boat with the hydrofoil.

They can handle fairly big lures for their size!

Here are a couple 3" Prowlers pulling a 4.5" lures.

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