Our officer and directors for the 2014 year:

PRESIDENT: John Sutton keepcasting1000@aol.com (muskyLink page)
VICE PRESIDENT: Keith Cortopassi keithcortopassi@yahoo.com (muskyLink page)
SECRETARY: Dan Quenzel quenzel@sbcglobal.net
TREASURER: Tom Stillo thomastilloatcentury21@yahoo.com
1st SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Rich Bohne rbohne@comcast.net
2nd SERGEANT-AT ARMS: Greg Wilson gjw15@comcast.net
DIRECTOR (MEMBERSHIP): Jim Kwiatt kwietzone@sbcglobal.net
DIRECTOR (CLUB OUTINGS): Tom Jennings tom.jennings@comcast.net
DIRECTOR (MERCHANDISE): Stan Lowczyk hookemupstash@wowway.com (muskyLink page)
DIRECTOR (FOOD): Heather Connors heathercon@att.net
DIRECTOR (WEBMASTER): Casey Ceponis caseyceponis@comcast.net