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Thread: sept fishing /hunting and oct fall musky hunt report

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    Default sept fishing /hunting and oct fall musky hunt report

    oct 28
    the goose/duck hunts were full and all had good shooting. limits of geese daily were the norm,because of the mild weather the guides had to dig deep and find the flocks back in wild rice lakes but managed to pull it off.with only 1 group of up to 4 per week on this hunt it is a very high % and catered to hunt and professionally outfitted with 2 guides,dog,all decoys,blinds,and transportaion with grouse hunting or fishing in the afternoons.

    sept remained relativley mild water temps staying in the mid to low 60's and fishing was outstanding. walleye fishing was very consistant remaining at reachable levels in the main lake basins at 35-42' and another bite on sandgrass flats at 12-18',pike started moving shallow and numbers of 36-44" fish were boated,the bass fishing started a bit later into mid-late sept when water temps got below 60 and when it did it was outstanding with a lot of 17-22" fat fish 3.5-5#+,40+ days were common.musky fishing was very consistant for the time period with fish still responding to blades as well as hardbaits in both rock and weed patterns. as we got into late sept and into the fall musky hunt water temps dropped into the 50's and real fall fishing arrived.

    the fall trophy hunt was a great time as always though water temps were a bit warmer than most yrs to start.. art and dan had 6 fish to 52.5,frank spano had 8 fish to 51.5, al kickel got his personal best 50.5" and ryan had a heavy 47",chismore 49",scott 51.5,lucas 48",hafemans 8 mid 40's fish,crans 51.5 and 48",paul jackson personal best 50",koeshalls 8 fish
    water temps yesterday oct 27 was 43-45 degrees and i just finished off a great fall fishing season spending 6 days with bill heddon.last week was challenging fishing weather below or just above freezing with mostly high winds 20-40 mph and off and on precip. despite it we had 14 fish in 6 days including a 53",50.5,49,48, and 6 mid 40's.we used a combination of casting,livebait,and trolling presentations with most fish being made contact relativley shallow at 12-18'.depth raiders,cisco kids,gramas,and double dawgs were best casting baits.
    go to facebook.com/AndyMyersLodge for some of the pics. also 2013 pics will be posted on the website photo albums and also here on the report board shortly.

    the year ending trophy deer hunts start next sat through 4th week of nov bring an exciting 2013 season to a close.julian and nicky have done a wonderful job managing,taking care of guests every need,many new improvements,and a determination and dedication that makes me very proud of this young couple and the confidence that all i have worked hard for in the past 20 yrs and my dreams and visions will be carried on to even a higher level. the response from guests both past and new has been overwhelming. this allows me to spend much more quality time with all the past repeat and new guests doing what i do best on the water and the fishing instruction programs as well as socializing nightly,marking maps,years of expereince and insights,info for the next days fishing etc. i look forward to sharing many more good times with you all.
    Andy Myers Lodge
    Steve Herbeck

    Web Site: http://www.andymyerslodge.com

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    Hey!! You forgot to mention my 45 3/4 in the Fall Musky Hunt. My feelings are hurt now.

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