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    Default Trolling 101 By: Jim Murphy

    During the off season many of the questions I am asked at sport shows and seminars pertain to trolling. I know many of our Wisconsin friends can not troll due to local regulations and there exists a legion of musky hunters who believe trolling is sacrilegious. If you don't have severe pain at the end of the day you are not musky fishing, right? I am with you on many respects. I would rather catch a fish on a retrieved lure. The violent smash of your bait by a big fish or the follow of a fish taunting you as she approaches the boat is indescribable. However, under certain circumstances trolling may be the most effective tool we have to put more, and sometimes bigger,fish in the boat. Every year many of the largest fish caught are fooled by trolled baits. You can cover a lot of water and present large baits to fish that are difficult if not impossible to cast. It is very probable that the next world record musky will be caught by trolling, most likely on a Great Lakes system.

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