Lakes are still in the mid 60 degree water temps - late summer fishing patterns for most.

We've been pretty quiet with usually only a few groups out fishing each day this month... everyone doing well catching decent numbers of fish of decent size. No "amazing" class of fish caught... some really big Bass, Muskies and Lake Trout, seen or lost... but we will be a little busier this week.

Muskies - some upper 40" Muskie caught by the more serious Muskie anglers and the casual and accidental Muskie fishing groups have had some fun as well. Geri caught her fist Kakagi (Crow) Lake Muskie, without even trying . I picked up some of those Bondy baits and will actually try a few times for a Muskie, after the Lake Trout season closes.

Bass - Biggest caught was 7 pounds from Kakagi - Bass groups have done well on quantity and quality on Kakagi, Jessie, Cedartree and Whitefish Bay. Live bait, trolling Rapala, fishing spoons and spinner baits have all been doing well.

Northern Pike - Good numbers of "slot" and below Pike coming from Cedartree and Whitefish Bay. Jessie has been the place for bigger pike with 39", 39.5" and 40" caught.

Walleyes - Everyone after them has been catching pretty well. Best has been a couple 6 pound Walleyes - Cedartree and Stevens Bay on LOTW.

Crappies - no one searching for them yet... more likely this next week and after Lake Trout season ends.

Lake Trout - Best bite of the year. When on a feed they are actually easy to catch Season closes end of the month and size restrictions means you can only keep one Lake Trout over 22" this month. Fishing mostly by myself, 1-2 hours most days - I have caught seven over 10 pounds and best night has been six in 2 hours of fishing time. Lake Trout are still deep, most days the Lake Trout are feeding around the edges of the deep holes... (i.e. the 110-100' water on the edges of the 120'+ holes). The bigger Lake Trout have usually been those marks you see rising slowly around 70-80 feet over the 100'+ waters... often you need to tease them for awhile (30 seconds to 2 minutes of keeping the lure moving and ABOVE the fish) to get commitment. Some Lake Trout trolling guys in this weekend, almost everyone has been jigging for them this month as it is too much fun to watch them come and whack the lures.

This is a slower period and our past Spring was not ideal for projects... so we've been in project mode recently. As we wrap up a few more Jean will put some pictures on our website and Facebook. Looks like we will have changed something in every Cabin, by next Spring.

Seems like many of our guests have been battling health issues this year and more noticeable this month. Wishing all of you get to feeling better soon, we miss you and looking forward to having some fun when you are better!