water temps are in the mid 60's touching high 60's to 70 on flat sunny days after a cool down,water temps were mid 70's for several weeks with hot sunny weather. days are getting shorter,nites longer and fall is quickly approaching. nice 60's-70's fishing weather the norm now and bugs are non exisistant.fall colors already showing and some leaves starting to fall.weeds are still up but some in windblown areas showing signs of starting to thin out but still holding fish especially on the sunnier days and stretches.

2 weeks ago muskies were tougher with very hot,flat weather but last weeks with some cool down perked up a bit. still using both weeds and rocks but most big fish coming off rocks both shallow,deeper edges,shallower humps but do not overlook slightly deeper reefs and humps 12-21'especially on windy sunny days.blades have still been baits of choice though now minnow baits and rubber getting better daily.
last week the wilderness lodge group had 16 muskies with 52.5 and 49" the biggest.the MI madison group was in and i didn't get final tally but i know a 51.5,50,2 49's,and a 48 was among thier total.the invictoria's on thier first trip boated a 47" tiger and a 45" in 2 days fishing muskies.stellas,bumgardner,and bob harriman all boated fish 42-47".me and scotty had 1-4 fish every day in the boat last week,some the above mentioned, with more lost and many more big ones up and hot.with the dropping water temps now the big fall bite is coming up.the shallower 4wd musky lakes have been producing fish 38-49" daily.

walleyes are still going strong and have not been dropping real deep as is the usual pattern, still at 24-28" off humps,points,and hard bottom areas on minnows and lindys. the bednarzyks and wilderness groups had numerous fish 26-30" and all groups caught lots of walleyes with many slot and over fish.some days guides ran out of 10-12 doz bait by 2;00pm.i have seen schools of fish while fishing muskies as shallow as 16-18' especially on windy and or darker days and as shallow as 12-16 in the pms.still most pike being caught of decent size 34-42" are being caught while walleye fishing with big minnows,very few of size being caught shallow casting yet.best bet for big pike is suckers 5-7" on heavy floro or light wire leaders in same areas as walleyes and deeper on same structures.
ron barefield and stoney tore up the big smallies shallow in bays with a combo of boulders and scattered weeds mostly on seinko's with most 17-20" and heavy.they should be heading for the humps within the next couple weeks.some of the best big bass fishing is coming up mid sept to mid oct.
jigging lakers at 60-80' on lakes like clearwater and buzzard has been excellent with large numbers of 2-8# fish. danny had a day out with shawn on eagle trolling with 13 fish 10-18# and the stellas got a big heavy 37"er with marty last week probably 20"er.deep humps 60' trolling spoons trout hole 1 and 2.

the fall trophy musky hunts are beginning and we expect a banner fall.the big pike will be coming shallow soon with dropping water temps,the big bass will be moving to the humps,and the walleye bite looks to stay relativley shallower than most falls,the pre spawn trout bite will get hotter for some of the best up and coming fishing of the season for all species.
there are still a few openings left through sept and into oct 12-19 for a great trip and some last minute bookings coming in daily so if you're thinking about it nows the time!. go to www.facebook.com/AndyMyersLodge for some recent pics and action. would be great to have you a part of the AML EXPEREINCE.!!!