Our group of 4 fished the Morson area out of Mylie's from August 10-13. We fished exclusively for muskies. For only 3 days of fishing, we had a pretty successful trip. A total of 9 muskies were boated with an average size of 44 3/4". Breakdown was 48, 48, 46.25, 46.25, 46.25, 44, 43, 41.5, and 38.5. Aproximately 8 muskies were lost or missed. Mixed in were quite a few high 30s quality pike and a nice bass as well. The pattern seemed to be strongly in favour of anything black or black/silver. Bucktails from size 8s to 13s seemed to be the best. The muskies seemed to really turn on in the evening, starting with the moon overhead period at roughly 5pm and continuing until sunset. All the muskies we contacted were on rocks. Points, reefs, boulder strewn shorelines, etc.
The highlight was a 48", a lost fish, and a 46" on consecutive casts. It was incredible.
I'd like to thank Justin, Ellen, and everybody at the camp for being great hosts. I especially appreciate the help during my hook-in-hand incident.
Great place! Looking forward to coming back!
Good luck in the fall Justin!