August Fishing – September Weather
Hi Folks – Well a definite weather pattern has emerged and the fishing is requiring a lot of patience. We have been mired in cold fronts since the end of July and the extended forecast looks the same for the near future. Daytime temps have been in the high 60’s with nighttime temps in the low to mid 40’s. Water temps have settled in with 68 being the norm. Through all this, fishing remains decent.
WALLEYE fishing is still doing ok. We have been catching some nice fish lately. My customers and I have seen fish from 16 to 23 inches on most days. One thing is sure, if you head out chasing eyes – be patient and work your areas slow and thorough. Many times you cast an area till you think nothing is there, then stay put and cast some more. With water temps where they are, minnows are starting to play a role again, although crawlers remain strong. The biggest problem we have experienced with walleyes remains hooking them. They are very lazy and mealy-mouthed and we lose a bunch. We are finding fish in weeds and timber and hanging in 8 to 10 ft. If you’re on clear water, look for weeds around 16 to 20 ft.
SMALLMOUTH BASS are doing fine on some lakes and getting better on some others. On flowage water look for them on weed covered humps in 8 to 10 ft. of water. On lakes fish have been hanging on the break of sharp drop-offs. Plastics and crankbaits are providing anglers with action with crawlers and leeches working well – maybe even a little better. Work them as slow as you can while keeping them from reaching the surface. If the Suick is slow I use a Mepps H210 as my backup. These large, double-bladed bucktails will usually stir up a fish and it is generally a “good one”.
That’s it for now – catch you on the lakes.
Jeff Winters

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