Weather was a little bit warmer this week but wind was a factor. Several days of tough blow made it difficult for anglers to stay on spots. Walleye action picked up again with jigs/minnows the most productive presentation. Several different structures produced fish including: rock flats, flats off rock points, deeper sand and the usual humps. A 29" walleye was even caught on a muskie bait.

Muskies were active again as well..the best action being from saddles with rock, and points with shallow rocks around them. More often than not, the calmer side of the point or island in the blowing winds was the place where fish were hanging out. Crank baits, bucktails, topwater all produced fish. 50, 50 and 50.5 were the big fish of the week, with several more in the 45-49 range and a couple first muskies in the mix as well.

Northerns seems to slow up a little from the torried pace of the previous couple of weeks.

Weather looks to be warming up some so the water temps of 66-68 should increase as the sun stays out.

Good luck on the water this week.