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Thread: Northwoods Musky Report 08/05/13

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    If it wasn’t for a calendar, I’m not sure I would be able to accurately gauge what month we are currently in. Cool nights, water temperatures in the 60 degree range, and a daily breeze that feels more like autumn than the “dog days” of August have more than a few anglers asking just where summer has gone. While Mother Nature may have pitched a curveball as of late, there is still plenty of musky action to be had.

    Since the arrival of the drastic cold front and subsequent below-average daily temperatures, a couple of different lures have top musky producers. While typically thought of by many in the musky fraternity as baits best used in fall, jerkbaits have been very productive over the past week. Hybrid models, those combining a hard body with lifelike rubber tail, have been especially productive. The Squirrely Burt, a slash-style lure with a dive-and-rise action, has been excellent when worked slowly but erratically over the top of cover such as cabbage and coontail beds. Glide baits like the Phantom Softail and Squirrely Hellhound have been equally effective for fish positioned along deep weed lines or breaks; again, the key has been to work the lure with an erratic cadence to trigger strikes, but with a slower retrieve than typical for August.

    Double bladed bucktails have also been solid musky producers as of late, the key - matching blade size to water conditions. In clear water situations, double-eight models such as Tyrant Tackle’s Lil’ Louie have been the ticket. While double-tens are moving and catching some fish, the smaller sized double-eights have been far more productive. Subtle color combinations have been far more consistent than brighter flashier offerings.

    In dark water situations such as on the Wisconsin River system, the opposite has been true. Double-ten bucktail models like Mepp’s H210 with orange or chartreuse blades have been out producing their smaller counterparts. Regardless, tipping your bucktail with a plastic trailer will turn more ‘followers’ into ‘strikers’. A black or white Mister Twister FAT Curly Tail is perfect in clear water while any chartreuse variation is ideal for stained water applications.

    Despite the cooler water temperatures, it is important to remember the key to successful catch and release begins by not playing the fish to exhaustion and having the necessary tools readily available. I cannot stress enough the importance of quality release tools, especially when it comes to the landing net. Nets such as the Conservation Series designed by Frabill, featuring a knotless mesh and coated bags, make life not only easier on us as fisherman but the fish as well. Catch a big one, let it go let it grow – I’ll see you on the water…

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    Default Northwoods Musky Report 08/05/13

    Sounds like you hit it pretty good. Thats musky fishing. Have you had much luck with that Weagle this year? It worked wonders for us up in MN this year

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