Summer is here in the north woods - lots of water play and even some good fishing. We had about 3 weeks of light winds with 80 degree temps and plenty of humidity - that seems to have cleared out now which is making it easier for the fishing groups to spend more of the day on the water.

Crow Lake temperatures generally in the 70's - winds can blow warm water around and occasionally leave the beach area in the upper 60's.

Blueberries are getting ripe and a fairly easy find now... should be good picking for a few weeks.

Muskies - the past few days have included 49 1/4", a couple 48", 47", 45", 42" and a whole bunch of smaller ones for entertainment :-) Muskie boats seeing and catching plenty and the bass and occasional trolling boats also catching some. Dock Muskie fishermen have been seeing at least 3 different Muskies! One even caught from Canoe!

Northern Pike - mostly being fished on Whitefish Bay where deep trolling is working for bigger fish and smaller ones near shore/weed lines.

Walleye - Whitefish Bay, Cedartree, Miles and Sabaskong Bay groups all doing well with several 5-8 pounds this week.

Lake Trout - seeing plenty and catching a few really nice Lake Trout - biggest in past few weeks have been 12, 10 and 8 pounds - we are due to start catching some of the 15+ Lake Trout. Seeing more schooled fish deep, they are behind their usual schedule... but they will come around better soon.