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Thread: Weekly Fishing Report: July 13-20, 2013

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    Default Weekly Fishing Report: July 13-20, 2013

    Weather was HOT this week and fishing did not quite match up, but was very good at times. Walleyes still biting on the reefs. Nothing new there. Fish up to 29.5" were caught and released.

    Muskies were a little bit here and there..rocks, weeds, combinations. Topwater, bucktails and smaller cranks/twitchers were best. Lots of big fish seen, but not many eating. Fish were caught measuring 52 and 50 inches by casters as well as a 50 incher on spinner with a pink blade and a crawler.

    A little cold front to start the week...cold front being a high of 70 or so.

    Water temps still very high so the cooler temps are quite welcome.

    Not many reports from bass anglers, but northerns were present in the usual places, including some nice ones from those muskie fishing.

    Good luck on the water this week.

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    Thanks for keeping us updated on the conditions again this year. My group from KY is up here on the Lake out of Nestor Falls this week and reading the weekly reports has been keeping me going since ice out. We got a 45 yesterday evening, hoping it is a sign of good things to come for the week.

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