Jerry Sondag's 54.25" from July 12, 2013 caught on a Big Mama Lure Co Dirdy B topwater bait.

The details in Jerry's own words:

"So the story of this fish goes like this... Tom Wartman and I headed into one of my all time favorite bays to try some cabbage fishing after the southerly wind rock bite slowed. We got in position while minnows were spraying everywhere. Tom's 3rd cast with his Big Mama, the fish blew up on his bait, he casted again and it didn't show, I fired my Dirdy B it's way and the fish crushed it. I set the hook only to hear the 80# PP snap at the reel. The fish heads hook, kicked and was gone. I yelled for Tom to start looking for the line as I knew there should be 20 feet or so floating, but we couldn't find it as we headed to direction the fish was headed. I was sick thinking that I just left a big fish to its devices with a 7/0 rigged top water lodged in its mouth. We casted heavy and deep diving baits dragging them through the murky water hoping to hook the line for 5-10 minutes until finally giving in. I was pretty bummed to say the least. We set back up at the same spot and started to move when I saw some line floating not to far from the reed line. I threw out a Believer and snagged the line. Brought the slack in and as I put tension on it by hand, I felt the weight. I told Tom she was still on and proceeded to fight her hand over hand until she was in the net. It was incredible to say the least. She was long and skinny, but managed to put some good line cuts in my hand. Judging by her feel, I'd say she was 30lbs give or take. I've caught a lot of fish, and many bigger than this, but It was an event of a lifetime that will for sure stick with me! Glad we got her and she's back on the prowl with no extra hardware."

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Congrats to Jerry and Tom for an amazing fishing experience!!