Here is a quick run down of what is happening in northern Wisconsin. The mayfly hatch is pretty wrapping itself up except for a few of the bigger deeper clear lakes with cooler water temps. Water temps have been from about 75 in the mornings to as high as 82 in the afternoons. Our primary targets have still been walleyes and crappies with good success each day. We have been successful with jigs and live bait. I have been taking all three with minnows, leeches and crawlers each day as it has varied each day with the success we have had. We have been fishing a variety of structure from weeds to rocks and mudflats. The key is keep moving until you find them, they are out there. The best time of day has been mornings before the boat traffic has stirred things up. We have had good success from as shallow as 3 feet to deep weeds of 22 feet depending on the lake you are on. Rocks we have pulled fish off of shallow rocks 8-25 again depending on the lake that you are on. The same hold true with the mud flats but look for fish to be leaving these with the hatch pretty much over. Fishing will only continue to get better in the weeks to come.