Hello everybody,

After the past two years of terrific June fishing, June of 2013 took on a more traditional feel to it. And that means we experienced good fishing in the beginning of the month, slow fishing in the middle of it with a few days of good still, and now as we exit June and enter July, it is improving once again. We should see fishing improve and accelerate as we move further into July with the balance of our catch turning more to kings with less, but still some, coho in the mix.

We have begun to catch more kings already but are still hauling in a good amount of increasingly larger coho. The longer we can overlap the king and coho catch, the better. Few steelhead have been caught so far and at some point in July, we could find ourselves tying into them as well. From a behavioral standpoint, steelhead are the hardest to pattern as to when we will have them and when we don't. They usually appear for a few weeks when they do however.

It's about at this point in the season when we quickly turn to summer from spring and that means big king salmon. We have already caught one that weighed in at 21lbs and while I still love coho season in the spring, my favorite time of season is July and August when we are chasing the the really big ones; the largest of all the salmon species right here Chicago's backyard.

Attached are some photos of the kings we have already caught this season.