Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of reports. This past spring was pretty good for walleyes once the ice went out and it quit raining. We caught a lot of slot in the 22-24 inch range. The biggest walleye we boated was 27 inches. Most of the walleyes we caught were shallow 4-7 feet of water. The past week the walleyes seem like they're scattered and moving out to the main lake areas. The musky fishing is picking up also. The last couple of times I've been out the fish are following more aggressive. So far this musky season we've boated a 38,44 and a 45 inch fish. My best action has been in the shallow weeds. We've been throwing smaller maribou online spinners. I've seen bigger fish out on the rocks but they're much slower moving and not wanting to eat. The warmer weather we are having this week should start to warm up the water and turn the fish on. I noticed some of the smaller shallower bays are getting water temps around 70 degrees and that's where I've been finding more active muskies. That's it for now. If you'd like to book a trip give me a call at 218-780-2615. Thanks. John.