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Thread: Muskie Fishing Opener Muskie Bay Resort

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    Default Muskie Fishing Opener Muskie Bay Resort

    With 18 boats out Muskie fishing this week we have been averaging 2 fish a boat a day. Pink, red and black bucktails the usual have again worked and using a jig to sight fish. The water temps have raised fast with this warm weather averaging 64-67 F. Seeing fish in bays and points going into bays half have spawned, half have not.

    The weeds on LOTW, White Fish and Crow Lake are just starting to come around. Had a great pizza night, I will post how many fish were caught soon. Everyone have fished hard 1 more day left of this week.

    Paul Trinkner
    Muskie Bay Resort
    Paul & Chris Trinkner
    Web Site: http://www.muskiebayresort.com

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    Default Muskie Fishing Opener Muskie Bay Resort

    Watching "muskie fishing magic " from 1984 on YouTube. Wow How far musky fishing has come. The only big fish on the video came from skegemog

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