Fishing and weather fantastic again this week. Hard not to sound like a broken record, but the bite was ON again out of our area this week. Walleyes, bass, pike and muskies nibbling people with light tackle were common.

Walleyes were hottest in 10-15 feet and deeper again this week. Live bait with spinners or jigs was all that was required to get walleyes to bite. We sold a pile of minnows each day throughout the week. The Buchholz crew counted multiple 100 fish day in one boat with their 4 boat crew with 12 guys. I believe 111 was the top count on one boat's clicker on Thursday...with 584 total walleyes landed in one of their boats for the week. Tim S landed 27, 28 and 29 inchers in the SAME DAY, while at least 2 other 29's were caught and released by their crew. I will have a busy week posting photos to the facebook page!

Two boats targeted bass all week and had their best fishing on Lake of the Woods EVER! They attribute the success to catching them pre-spawn with the late spring. Largest of the week was 19"...most caught shallow on shorelines and points.

Pike active in Obabikon Lake again this week. Shallow water is all you need to find.

Muskie opener will have temps in the mid 60s at best and not much vegetation up due to the late spring and high water.

Another super busy week with a full camp so the reports and photos should keep coming.

Have a great week on the water.