Hi Folks – That long extended cold front held up pretty good, but the bite slowed up towards the end. Water temps dropped to the mid-50’s and fish got very touchy. MUSKY have been very good as the cold front hit. Last Thursday the musky action went through the roof. This continued through the weekend. Most of the fish being caught were upper 30 inch to 40 inches. Some big fish have been following and seem to be very close to a turn on. Cranes, small suicks and mid-size bucktails have been effective. Fish are being found in new weed growth and very shallow water at times.
WALLEYES are doing very well but the cold front made them very finicky. We are moving our bait very slow – “almost dead-sticking” these fish at times. You need to get off them quickly once you detect a hit or they will drop as soon as they feel you. Fish are in the weeds on most lakes and are being found fairly shallow. I’ve been working 4 to 8 ft. in most cases. Wood is your next best spot and the depth is the same as the weeds; 4 to 8 ft. Jig-and-minnow combos are still best, but leeches and nightcrawlers are beginning to come into play now. We should start seeing some hot action on these fish as the mayfly hatch is very close now. I have seen some small hatches beginning on the Turtle Flambeau flowage.
BASS are going very strong now and most of the fish I’m catching are on the nests and aggressive. Twitching rapalas as well as jigs tipped with soft plastic minnows or live bait are working very well. Both large and smallmouth bass are out there and some big fish are being caught.
Overall, look for the next week to be a good one. The warmer weather we are finally seeing is bringing up water temps and with a bug hatch getting close, fish should put on a good bite and provide anglers with some golden opportunities.
That’s it for now – catch you on the lakes.

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