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    We've received some questions regarding the lack of posting on this forum for a while. Matt and I have changed direction a bit and find that we are reaching far more of our friends via our Facebook pages. You can find those pages at Muskie Matt & RFRG Outdoors and Peter Stoltman & RFRG Outdoors. We have also recently redesigned our website with more changes to come. Of course you can find us there at www.rfrgoutdoors.com . If you have questions, comments, or things you'd like to see please let us know. Long story short: it was time for a facelift.
    Thanks Kindly,

    Pete Stoltman Regular Fishin' Regular Guys
    (715) 614-4142

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    I can find both of ya on FB, but I still miss da two/three knuckleheads on da radio show...


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