Hi Folks Ė Even with all the weird weather, the fishing continues to thump. With the exception of a couple of days last week, walleyes continue to provide anglers with good action. The past three days we boated 150 walleyes despite thunderstorms and then frost the other morning. If youíre planning to fish walleye, itís a definite weed bite. These fish are in new green weed growth and feeding heavy. Medium to large chubs have worked very well and hits are aggressive. Because of the late spring, weeds are being found fairly shallow and so are the fish. If youíre not a jig fisherman, these fish are vulnerable to crankbaits also.
The other thing this shallow bite has created is the crossing of paths between several species of fish. Crappies are still up shallow on many lakes finishing their spawn. Bass have been staking out their territories and are very aggressive. The bluegills are also staging for their spawn and the Top of the Food Chain Ė Mr Musky is also lurking around these areas looking for a snack.

If youíre thinking about fishing, now is the time to head up here to the Northwoods. The fishing pressure has been light and the fishing has been heavy. There is no telling how long this is going to last before something changes, but itís sure been FUN! No matter what you like to do when it comes to fishing, itís available: Jigs & live bait, crankbaits, bobbers and plastics are all working. Area flowages are providing a good multi-species bite but when it comes to walleyes Ė lakes are where itís at!

Musky action is still a little spotty and Iím finding the small lakes to be the most active. We are very close to a good bite as some large fish are beginning to follow lures regular now. These fish are going to bust very soon. Like all the other fish, these critters are around new vegetation as this is where the dinner table is set. Small to medium bucktails are working; smaller minnow lures and small suicks have also been providing action.
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Well thatís all for now. Catch you on the lakes.

Jeff Winters